Friday, May 14, 2010

Writing Letters

Hi Jo,

Your email note made me laugh out loud.  It's OK that you chase me around, it makes me feel special.  Hey, I chased you around all those years, I suppose it's your turn to chase me.  

How sweet of you to notice me at Whole Foods.  I love you so much, it's great being able to see you.  I'm happy that we have email so that we can communicate.

I'm glad that you are feeling better.  You should listen to Sue, she really does know what she's doing.  Surprising, isn't it?  She used to cry so much.  I still laugh when I hear anyone repeat how I teased her ... "6 O'Clock, time for Susie to cry..."  then she'd cry.  Oh, that was pretty funny.  Sue is a nice girl; we have fine children, I love them all.

I'm great.  When you get rid of your body and you are just light energy, you never experience pain.  It's too hard to explain.  One day you'll know what I mean and we'll laugh together.  We never know when that day will be so enjoy every minute that you have on Earth because it is awesome in a different way.  

On Earth you get to experience the feeling of everything, you have senses that allow you to taste, smell, hear, feel and see.  You can touch things.  You can even pick a flower and smell it while you see the dew on the petals.  It's magical how the senses work.  When we are alive on Earth like you are now, we take our senses for granted.  Enjoy everything on Earth.  

I love your sense of humor, Jo.  Laughing is good for the soul, just like music.  Oh, I enjoy hearing you play the piano and look forward to hearing your music, it's very relaxing.  

Hand writing a letter is great training for your brain.  Write as much as you can.  Be patient with yourself, relax.  Why don't you try jotting down ideas?  You don't have to write the whole letter at once, if you break it up into pieces, it will be easier for you to complete.

First, write down one word ideas that you want to write to me about.  Then, take each word and add words around it to make a complete sentence.  Before you know it, you'll have written your own letter with out Sue's help.  But, it's OK if you need Sue's help, it seems like it's fun for you when you write letters together.

Well, the bus is running, I have to get to work.

I love you Jo!

Stay with God.


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