Friday, July 16, 2010

No More Letters For Awhile

My mom is mad with my dad.  She believes that he got married.  She's pissed at him.

The other day she said, "Your father.  He got married."

"How can that be?"  I said to her, "Dad is in Heaven, you can't get married in Heaven."

"Well, he must be in Hell!"  She answered back.

These letters worked for awhile.  She was happy and excited.  She loved the idea that she could communicate with dad.

Her hallucinations got the best of her and she stopped wanting to write to my dad.  She hid all the letters that he (I) wrote to her.

Maybe one day my mom will want letters from dad again, but in the meantime, we'll keep this project on the back burner for another time when it brings her happiness once more.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Relax, Everything Will Be OK

Dear Jo,

I'm sorry that we are not able to talk and hold each other like we were able to do before I passed over to the other side.  I don't have a body that's solid anymore, my body is like light.

A simple example to explain this phenomenon to you is if you look at a lamp, you can see the light coming from the bulb but you can't touch the light.  Your hand goes through the light at the same time that the light is reflected on your hand.

Jo, you are one of the lucky people who can see us here on the other side.   We have ceremonies in your backyard for you to watch because you seem to enjoy watching us.  The ceremonies are for the good souls to receive their angel wings.  We do not have weddings in Heaven.  Weddings are only for the living on Earth.

I am waiting for you Jo.  I love you very much and it makes me sad to see you upset with me over something that I didn't do.  Relax like Susan tells you; she's right.

When you are upset it makes it really difficult for you to see me.  Sing when you are anxious or upset, it will help you to see all the good souls who I have protecting you.  The Sisters of Notre Dame love to walk around your yard.  I have them come when I am not able to be there with you.

Everything is going to be OK Jo.  Sue and Jay are there to help you.  I love my sister.  I asked God to make it possible for her to come to your house.  She needs Sue's help.  We have to help Jay, she's done so much for our family over the years; we can not abandon her.

I love you, Jo.  I know you are innocent.  I don't believe the impostors who are upsetting you.  I've had a special meeting with Dream Master and asked him to take care of the impostors.  He gave me his word; you shouldn't be bothered by them.  If you are, tell Sue and she'll call Dream Master right away.

Please believe me when I tell you how much you mean to me.  Be patient with Sue and Jay.  Everything is going to be OK.  Listen to Sue, she is doing all that she can to help you.

I'm worried that Sue will become sick with all the stress, please smile more and laugh because it will help Sue to stay healthy.   Listening to your music is a great way to keep yourself calm, which keeps Sue's stress down.  You need to take care of Sue by singing, laughing and smiling.  Please help my sister to feel welcomed in your home; I love my sister Jaycee, she was always there for me when I needed her.  I can't be there for her now when she needs me, which makes me feel bad.  Can I count on you to help my sister?  She needs you and you need her.

I love you Jo.  I miss your letters.  Please write to me because it helps to keep us connected while you are still on Earth.



Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Dancing at the Ocean View

Hi Jo!

I'm so happy to hear all of your good news about your health.  It would be super for it to continue to improve.  

Living on Earth is better than anything because you get to eat food, smell flowers and hug.  I do miss hugs and one day when it's your time, I will be here to give you the biggest hug ever.  I will never let you go.  

I really haven't let you go, Jo.  I chose you so many years ago and you are still my girl.   You were the best dancer at the Oceanview Ballroom.  

I would be anxious all day for the night and a chance to get you to dance with me.  It was a thrill of my lifetime on Earth; to dance with you.

Your voice is sounding better!  I'm serious.  I can hear you singing and it's beautiful.  You are carrying your tune.  Great job!  I love hearing you sing, it makes me know that you are OK.  I can hear singing wherever I am and it makes me feel very happy.

I love you, Jo.

The heating pad won't work for us here in Heaven.  We have no pain when we die, we are free from all pain and illness.  Ed told me about the heating pad.  He thought it was so funny that you got Sue to heat it in the microwave for him.  He was laughing up a storm telling me.

You are so fortunate to be alive on Earth.  Enjoy it.  No need to worry about me or Eddie here, we are fine.  We watch out for you and all the family.  

Smile and laugh.  I love hearing you laugh.  It reminds me of the days when we were kids.  You were always so full of life, it was one of your fine qualities that made me fall in love with you.

I love you!

I must get to work, keep singing… it makes me know that you are OK.

Stay with God.


Better Days

Dear Ed,

I’m sorry I felt unhappy and I didn’t write back sooner.  I wasn’t feeling too good.  But I’m feeling better now.  Sue has been feeding me coconuts and coconut oil, it’s helping a lot.

I’ve been practicing handwriting every day and it seems to be helping.  The more I practice the better I’ll get. 

I love you! I love you!  I love you!  Huh!  I almost forgot to tell you, but my memory is getting better, see the coconuts really work!

I think I saw you at Whole Foods yesterday.  You make me laugh, you give me a little smile and I crack up.    Thanks for making me laugh.

I sat in the parlor with Little Ed today.  I had Susie heat up the heating pad for him.  He didn’t say anything when I gave him the heating pad.  When I came back, he took off, maybe he had to go pee.  I don’t know. 

I said to him, it’s so funny, he wanted to go sit down and listen to TV.   I guess but he decided that he’d fly up to the top of the bureau and then he was gone in a big flash like a Genie, coming back and forth whenever he wanted.  I was getting mad.  I didn’t understand until Sue told me how you all are light and we are heavy matter.  Light can go through everything.

You are not going to believe it, I haven’t lost anything in a couple of days.  Could my memory be getting better?  Anyway, Sue hasn’t been as mad with me since I remember where I put my things.

On Sunday I tripped in the yard, the angels must have been watching because I didn’t get hurt very badly.  Just a little scrape on my knee.

I love you! 

I hope to see you soon.

I love you very much.


Friday, May 14, 2010

Writing Letters

Hi Jo,

Your email note made me laugh out loud.  It's OK that you chase me around, it makes me feel special.  Hey, I chased you around all those years, I suppose it's your turn to chase me.  

How sweet of you to notice me at Whole Foods.  I love you so much, it's great being able to see you.  I'm happy that we have email so that we can communicate.

I'm glad that you are feeling better.  You should listen to Sue, she really does know what she's doing.  Surprising, isn't it?  She used to cry so much.  I still laugh when I hear anyone repeat how I teased her ... "6 O'Clock, time for Susie to cry..."  then she'd cry.  Oh, that was pretty funny.  Sue is a nice girl; we have fine children, I love them all.

I'm great.  When you get rid of your body and you are just light energy, you never experience pain.  It's too hard to explain.  One day you'll know what I mean and we'll laugh together.  We never know when that day will be so enjoy every minute that you have on Earth because it is awesome in a different way.  

On Earth you get to experience the feeling of everything, you have senses that allow you to taste, smell, hear, feel and see.  You can touch things.  You can even pick a flower and smell it while you see the dew on the petals.  It's magical how the senses work.  When we are alive on Earth like you are now, we take our senses for granted.  Enjoy everything on Earth.  

I love your sense of humor, Jo.  Laughing is good for the soul, just like music.  Oh, I enjoy hearing you play the piano and look forward to hearing your music, it's very relaxing.  

Hand writing a letter is great training for your brain.  Write as much as you can.  Be patient with yourself, relax.  Why don't you try jotting down ideas?  You don't have to write the whole letter at once, if you break it up into pieces, it will be easier for you to complete.

First, write down one word ideas that you want to write to me about.  Then, take each word and add words around it to make a complete sentence.  Before you know it, you'll have written your own letter with out Sue's help.  But, it's OK if you need Sue's help, it seems like it's fun for you when you write letters together.

Well, the bus is running, I have to get to work.

I love you Jo!

Stay with God.


Thursday, May 13, 2010

Good Days

Dear Ed,

I missed you yesterday.  I shopped at Whole Foods because I knew you’d be there, you didn’t disappoint me.  You really look handsome.  So, it may appear that I’m chasing you around… well, I AM! 

I love you and I love you!!

How are you feeling?

I have a kidney infection and I’m on antibiotics.  My backache is gone just after one day of taking the medicine. 

I tried to hand write your letter today.  Susie told me that it is good for me to write.  I’ll write to you later today or tomorrow so that I can practice my writing.

I went looking for a bathing suit but didn’t find one.  It’s getting warmer, I don’t know if I’ll ever get into the pool.  I may not fit into it… HA HA HA.

Have a fun time driving the bus. 

I love you!

Stay with God.


Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Have I told you that I love you?

Hi Ed,

We got the results from the Kidney doctor and I do have a UTI so she’s giving me antibiotics for 5 days.  It will probably make my visions of visitors go away, including you.  Thank goodness we have email and we can still communicate.

I love you!  I almost forgot… no, not really.  I LOVE YOU!!

I’ll get a new pair of shoes as soon as Susie takes me to the shoe store.  Probably on Thursday, they are very expensive shoes, but I’m worth it!

I’m feeling good, but hope to feel much better after I’m done taking the antibiotic.

Our pool is open, but it’s been cold.  Sue tells me that I need a new bathing suit, but I think the 2 I have are fine.  So what if they are 10 sizes too big!  I’ll probably breakdown and buy a new one if I see one that I like for a good price.

Well, dinner is just about ready so I’ll close my note here.

I love you!

I love you!

I love you!

Looking forward to your reply,