Monday, June 14, 2010

Relax, Everything Will Be OK

Dear Jo,

I'm sorry that we are not able to talk and hold each other like we were able to do before I passed over to the other side.  I don't have a body that's solid anymore, my body is like light.

A simple example to explain this phenomenon to you is if you look at a lamp, you can see the light coming from the bulb but you can't touch the light.  Your hand goes through the light at the same time that the light is reflected on your hand.

Jo, you are one of the lucky people who can see us here on the other side.   We have ceremonies in your backyard for you to watch because you seem to enjoy watching us.  The ceremonies are for the good souls to receive their angel wings.  We do not have weddings in Heaven.  Weddings are only for the living on Earth.

I am waiting for you Jo.  I love you very much and it makes me sad to see you upset with me over something that I didn't do.  Relax like Susan tells you; she's right.

When you are upset it makes it really difficult for you to see me.  Sing when you are anxious or upset, it will help you to see all the good souls who I have protecting you.  The Sisters of Notre Dame love to walk around your yard.  I have them come when I am not able to be there with you.

Everything is going to be OK Jo.  Sue and Jay are there to help you.  I love my sister.  I asked God to make it possible for her to come to your house.  She needs Sue's help.  We have to help Jay, she's done so much for our family over the years; we can not abandon her.

I love you, Jo.  I know you are innocent.  I don't believe the impostors who are upsetting you.  I've had a special meeting with Dream Master and asked him to take care of the impostors.  He gave me his word; you shouldn't be bothered by them.  If you are, tell Sue and she'll call Dream Master right away.

Please believe me when I tell you how much you mean to me.  Be patient with Sue and Jay.  Everything is going to be OK.  Listen to Sue, she is doing all that she can to help you.

I'm worried that Sue will become sick with all the stress, please smile more and laugh because it will help Sue to stay healthy.   Listening to your music is a great way to keep yourself calm, which keeps Sue's stress down.  You need to take care of Sue by singing, laughing and smiling.  Please help my sister to feel welcomed in your home; I love my sister Jaycee, she was always there for me when I needed her.  I can't be there for her now when she needs me, which makes me feel bad.  Can I count on you to help my sister?  She needs you and you need her.

I love you Jo.  I miss your letters.  Please write to me because it helps to keep us connected while you are still on Earth.



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